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Jun 07, 2021 | Posted by Admin User

This adds a column to the Advertisement Configuration table which will allow on-the-fly calculation of the full monthly price for an ad instance.

  • Adds method that allows the base CPM for each selectable ad type to be calculated
  • Adds a method that creates an array of those ad instances
  • The array is used in the view with a name and cpm array ([['Ad Type 1', 30], ['Ad Type 2', 60]...])
  • This array is passed to a stimulus controller
  • The controller determines which has been selected and how many instances
  • It listens for changes on all the select fields

  • It finds all the fields with the same index to do get data for calculation
  • It does the math while handling null for map pages which do not use impressions
  • It populates the column with the new total dynamically

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ericbell_2 at Jun 08, 2021

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ericbell_2 at Jun 08, 2021

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