Canada: Data Center Development Coming To Nanaimo, Canada After Officials Granted Rezoning Request

Nov 02, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Officials of Nanaimo city in British Columbia, Canada, have granted permission to rezone 2.3 hectares to give way for data center development. The land in question is located at 2086 and 2090 East Wellington Road. The rural area, which is primarily undeveloped, features two residential houses and has now been rezoned to High Tech Industrial (I3). 

The applicant for the rezoning is 2779022 Ontario inc. It is also unclear if the company plans to use the land for crypto mining, colocation/wholesale, or Edge data center. The development was met with criticisms by local residents. Environmental and noise concerns were raised. Residents also lamented that viable agricultural land is being lost to the project.

However, despite the agitations, councilor Erin Hemmens said the land had been designated as a light industrial area for a long time. He noted that the land was never going to be used for farming. 

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