Site: vXchnge-Philadelphia

Company: vXchnge
Metro: Philadelphia
State: PA
Region: United States
Region: North America
Address: 1500 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130
Gross SqFt: 70,000
Total Power: 2.0 Megawatts


  • Multi-stage security using two point IRIS recognition and PIN pad access control system at ingress and egress doors
  • Stringent access protocols and procedures with archived color CCTV monitoring
  • 24x7x365 on-site security at vXchnge OSSC plus remote 24x7x365 monitoring via other vXchnge network OSSC locations


  • Electrical System that includes: N+1 redundant UPS system
  • 7.5MW utility power served by two independent substations dedicated to the facility
  • Backup power generation provided by four diesel generators in an N+1 configuration supplying 7.5MW of power with automatic transfer
  • 24 hours of reserve diesel fuel on-site


• Executive briefing center
• Huddles rooms
• Customer lounge

Map and Nearby Locations:

1500 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130

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0.25 miles zColo Philadelphia-401 Broad 9,800
0.25 miles Netrality Philadelphia
0.25 miles Level3 Philadelphia (401 N Broad) 54,099
0.25 miles Equinix Philadelphia PH1 21,313 0.30
0.25 miles SunGard Philadelphia (401) 557,135
0.72 miles SunGard Philadelphia (1500) 123,356
0.94 miles Level3 Philadelphia (701 Market)
1.04 miles Level3 (was GX) Philadelphia 1,400
1.20 miles Level3 Philadelphia (2401 Locust)
1.20 miles Quonix - Philadelphia