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New York City Data Center List

CoreSite NY2
2 Emerson Lane
Secaucus, NJ 07094
  • 202,000 Gross SqFt
  • 10.0 Megawatts
1025 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590
  • 4,000 Gross SqFt
  • 2.0 Megawatts
1547 1 Ramland
1 Ramland Rd
Orangeburg, NY 10962
  • 105,400 Gross SqFt
  • 24.0 Megawatts
165 Halsey
165 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102
  • 1,200,000 Gross SqFt
300 Boulevard East: Digital Realty Trust
300 Boulevard East
Weehawken, NJ 07086
  • 311,950 Gross SqFt
  • 50,000 SqFt Under Construction

The New York City (NYC) data center market is a top 5 market in North America. A quick pro/con for a NYC datacenter deployment:

NYC Advantages:

  • Large population of 35 million people (NY + New England)
  • Rich connectivity options via many NY carrier hotels
  • Lots of Retail colocation choices

NYC Disadvantages:

  • Real Estate is Expensive
  • Electrical pricing is high
  • The area is prone to disasters or disruptions
  • Limited Wholesale datacenter options

NY Demographics

NYC is the largest metro in North America and is headquarters for 55 companies in the S&P500. New England and NY have a combined population of approximately 35 million. As such it is an attractive market to place an enterprise or collocation data center.

New York City as a Single Point of Failure:

NYC has one of the most a robust telecom marketplaces in the world. However, the metro is also a regional single point of failure. Almost all of New England’s Internet traffic runs through NY. A massive outage in NY would likely limit connectivity to New England. However, adding a deployment in Boston would keep services New England up and running in the event of an outage in NY.

Telecom Hotels in NYC:

The city has more telecom hotels than any other city in the Americas. Listed in order of importance:

111 8th Ave in Manhattan: A massive building that is a full city block, 111 8th is like a sky scrapper laid on its side. The building is only 16 stories but has 2.9 million square feet (2700,000 m2) making it the 4th largest in NY. Google acquired the building in 2011 for $1.9 Billion. Despite churning out some datacenter space to make way for Google offices, 111 8th still has the best connectivity in NY.

60 Hudson in Manhattan: Built in 1930 for the Western Union telegraph company, the building was the nexus of telegraph infrastructure. Today, the initial telegraph bones provide a good conduit infrastructure for fiber cables connecting internet companies. Digitial Reality (through the Telx acquisition) runs the building’s Meet Me Room

32 Avenue of the Americas is a tertiary telecom hotel in Manhattan.

165 Halsey: A large (1.2m Sqft) telecom hotel, 165 Halsey located across the Hudson River in Newark.

Financial Low Latency Ecosystem

New York has a large low-latency high-frequency trading ecosystem. Most of the ecosystem is centered in Equinix's NY2/NY4 Secaucus data centers, where market platforms, buy-side, sell-side, and market data providers all colocate near each other to edge out the fasted possible trade executions.

New York Retail Colocation

There are over 100 data center providers in the NY metro. The best colo deployment options depend on location, connectivity, and deployment size requirements. National colo providers with NYC data centers are Equinix, Cyxtera, CoreSite, Atlantic Metro, Internap, vXchnge, Zayo, Cologix and Sungard.

NYC Wholesale Space

Although the NY market is large, it is also expensive. Many multi-megawatt wholesale data center deployments are placed in regions with less expensive electrical and real estate costs. That said, the New York metro has rich network connectivity and content can be served to a large population. Beyond Sabey and DataGryd, there are limited wholesale options in Manhattan. Top Wholesale providers outside of Manhattan are Iron Mountian, Digital Realty, and QTS.

Top Data Center Providers in New York City

Sites Sites Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
Digital Realty Trust 8 1,506,593 8.00
Tishman Real Estate 1 1,200,000 0.00
Equinix 7 832,508 34.00
Sungard Availability Services 4 651,725 0.00
CenturyLink 6 483,122 54.70
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Largest Data Centers in New York City

Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
165 Halsey 1,200,000
IO New Jersey 439,153 100.00
Equinix New York Secaucus NY4B 338,967 18.50
300 Boulevard East: Digital Realty Trust 311,950
3 Corporate Place: Digital Realty 283,000
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Top New York City Datacenter Markets by # of Sites


Top New York City Datacenter Markets by Power Capacity (MW)


Data Center Construction in New York City

Company Region Name Site Name Building SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MWs) Estimated Launch
Digital Realty Trust New York City 300 Boulevard East: Digital Realty Trust 50000 5.0
CoreSite New York City CoreSite NY2 4000 10 2.0
Total 4000 50010 7.0

Cat5e anyone?
Yay, single mode fiber
Bloom Fuel Cells next to the site
Posted in 300 Boulevard East: Digital Realty Trust
Exterior from the Street
Posted in QTS Piscataway
Cat5e anyone?
Copper Patch Panel
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Cat5e anyone?

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Yay, single mode fiber
Pretty Yellow Fiber
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Yay, single mode fiber

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DC Power for All
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