Site: Manitoba Hydro Telecom Data Centre

Company: Manitoba Hydro Telecom
Region: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
Region: North America

The site was commissioned in 2010.


  • 360 Portage Ave. is a LEED® Platinum certified facility
  • 100% uptime since operations began in 2010
  • Two physically diverse substations with an auto switch for transitioning
  • Step down transformer at 360 Portage Ave.
  • Diesel Generator with three 1170 litre tanks in diverse locations
  • UPS to handle transition to generator
  • Manitoba Hydro is a renewable energy source, with diverse hydro-electric generating stations in Manitoba.


  • Four standalone Leibert AC units in the space; two 7.5 ton units & two 10 ton units
  • AC is vented to a separate cooling tower system on the roof
  • AC units are serviced monthly with no interruptions to the cooling system
  • The Leiberts are shut down individually when serviced
  • The air is re-circulated in the building and filtered with Merv 8 Filters on the Leiberts

Map and Nearby Locations:

360 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G8, Canada

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