Green House Data Seattle

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Site: Green House Data Seattle

Company: Green House Data
Region: Seattle
State: WA
Region: United States
Region: North America
Address: 2001 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA

Map and Nearby Locations:

2001 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA

SITES within 15 miles of Green House Data Seattle

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
9.28 miles Integra Seattle (Tukwila) 1,355
10.83 miles WORLDLINK Seattle South 6,200 1.50
12.58 miles CenturyLink SE4 64,583 8.00
13.98 miles Verizon Seattle 108,000 12.00
14.56 miles ColoCrossing SEA1 331,000
14.56 miles Bytegrid-Seattle(SEA1) 47,820 6.20