Site: Equinix DC4 is a part of Equinix Ashburn Campus

Company: Equinix
Region: Northern Virginia
Region: VA
Region: United States
Region: North America
Site Stats:
Current Under Construction Potential Expansion Total at Full Buildout
Building SqFt: 32 32
Gross SqFt: 452 452
Usable SqFt:
Office SqFt:
Power (MW):

Map and Nearby Locations:

21691 Filigree Court, ashburn, va

SITES within 15 miles of Equinix DC4

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.05 miles Equinix DC5
0.10 miles Equinix Ashburn DC1
0.11 miles DuPont Fabros ACC3 147,000 13.90
0.11 miles DuPont Fabros ACC5 360,000 36.40
0.11 miles DuPont Fabros ACC4 347,000 36.40
0.11 miles Net Data Centers IAD1- Ashburn 2.28
0.12 miles Equinix Ashburn Campus 43,356 31.20
0.19 miles Equinix DC11-test
0.19 miles Equinix Vienna DC11-DELETE 222,358
0.19 miles Equinix Ashburn DC6-DELETE 148,659 7.50

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