Site: eNET Columbus

Company: eNET
Metro: Columbus
Region: Ohio
Region: United States
Region: North America
Site Stats:
Current Under Construction Potential Expansion Total at Full Buildout
Building SqFt: 43 43
Gross SqFt: 452 452
Usable SqFt:
Office SqFt:
Power (MW):
Ownership: eNET owns the building.

eNET has built a colocation facility in Columbus, Ohio which features:

  • Wholly owned and operated facility, we do not colocate your equipment with a 3rd party or leave your uptime in the hands of others.
  • Video surveillance.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • N+1 power conditioning and redundancy.
  • Diesel generators with on site fuel and weekly test cycle.
  • Redundant HVAC totaling over 100 tons.
  • Direct access to several fiber optic networks for protected and un-protected site-to-site connectivity.
  • Direct access to several network providers such as Level3, tw telecom, and AT&T
  • Access to our state of the art IP network with more than 40Gbps of IP transit capacity.
  • Flexible single server, cabinet, suite, and computing container options.
  • Hybrid Cloud/Dedicated/Colocation solutions.
  • Remote Hands
  • Centrally located with ample parking.

Map and Nearby Locations:

3000 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43231

SITES within 15 miles of eNET Columbus

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
4.08 miles Cologix COL1 & COL2 52,000
4.87 miles Level3 (was TWTC) Columbus
7.05 miles CenturyLink CL1 35,000 3.20
7.05 miles DCI Columbus 60,000 2.00
7.67 miles Expedient Columbus 20,000
8.11 miles Level3 Columbus (580 North 4th)
8.47 miles zColo Columbus-251 Neilston 6,822 2.55
8.48 miles Level3 Columbus (266 North 5th)
8.50 miles Cogent Columbus 7,303
8.52 miles Level3 Columbus (226 North Fifth)